Monday, September 04, 2006

Sand and CGI

I quite like these programmes, but I had to note down this review because my good friend Katrina would much appreciate it:

Dramatised documentaries featuring legendary ruins and Panama-hatted archaeologists often prove popular - possibly by vague association with the world of Indiana Jones. Fans of the genre will enjoy this, the first of three trips into antiquity over the coming nights. The subject is the ancient Egyptian city of Piramesse, the Venice of its day and centre of "one of the most bizarre puzzles in the history of archaeology". Put simply: it moved. How it did so is something we learn at length courtesy of a cliché-tastic narration and a slew of filler shots with blokes in eyeliner and sandals posing as ancient Egyptians - all drenched in whooshy music. It's an extraordinary story, but the eyelid-drooping slowness of its telling may test your patience.

RT reviewer: David Butcher

There you go Kat - someone who holds an uncannily similar view to you on these sword 'n sandal docu-dramas. 'Da-da-daahh' music and all! :)


Blogger Katrina said...

"cliché-tastic narration" indeed, what a superb phrase that hits the nail right on the head. Hats off to Mr David Butcher that's what I say. You know me too well Shizue!

Archeaology and history docu-dramas are one thing but nothing beats that wildlife documentary we saw which kept rewinding footage of a young penguin I think it was about to be caught by a sealion or some such creature but pausing it at the crucial moment and then speculating about how different it's fate might've been in a million and one slightly different circumstances!!! Lucy will remember my agitation only too well!!

9:38 PM  
Blogger Shizue said...

Oh, but it was sooo cute! The slightly manic look of panic and 'oo-er' on its face was priceless.

"So, how DID this penguin get to this CRUCIAL moment in its life? Could it have AVOIDED this fate? Follow us as we journey BACK IN TIME to investigate".

I particularly admired the sweeping 3D-isation as it swooped up and all around in a 360 degree panorama round the wobbly penguin.

Great stuff!

10:40 AM  

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